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It’s a BEAUTIFUL day in the neighborhood, Kernersville!

Today I’m going to tell you a bit about Kernersville and The Triad and why it’s a great place to raise your family.  But first, a bit about America’s favorite neighbor: Mister Rogers. There’s a new film just out called … Continue reading

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Guest Post! What is Strategic Couponing?

As you all know, we’re big on saving money and being fiscally responsible here at Ring Around Life. We are super excited to have guest blogger, Jessie Burris Alonzo contributing to our blog periodically!  You may know Jessie better as … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday America!

“From sea to shining sea,” Americans will be celebrating 235 years of independence this Fourth of July. Perhaps the biggest part of those celebrations – and certainly the loudest – will be the fireworks .  And since Independence Day falls … Continue reading

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Happy National Bike Month!

Did you know that May is National Bike month.  It’s sponsored by The League of American Bicyclists (www.bikeleague.org) and this year “Bike To Work Week” (May 16 – 20) will be capped off by “Bike To Work Day” on Friday, … Continue reading

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Summer Camp? No! Summer Co-op!

Summer is hot and it’s not just the weather.  Summer childcare costs have many parents burning through budgets, sending savings up in smoke.  But here’s an affordable, reasonable alternative — eliminate (or limit) expensive summer camps and replace them with … Continue reading

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Giving Back: A Commitment to Community!

I know we’ve been talking about heart health a lot lately, and today I’d like to share some news with you that’s truly heartwarming!  It’s one of the reasons I love my job so much and why I feel I … Continue reading

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Holiday Safety: Halloween

Amazing that the “holidays” are on our doorstep like a carved pumpkin.  People don’t decorate their homes any other time of the year the way they decorate from October thru December.  We thought it would be good to cover some … Continue reading

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Ask Katy a Question – Question #1

Today we are starting a series on the most frequently asked insurance questions.  These aren’t long winded, overly complicated questions or answers. Just the normal questions we get when the phone rings in our office. What is the best deductible … Continue reading

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Hurricane Season Is Here…

Today is the official kick off to hurricane season.  Are you ready?  Especially if you own a home on the coast, here are some tips on how to be better prepared should Mother Nature put you in the path of … Continue reading

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Recent College Grad? Like You Need Something Else to Worry About…

As you graduate college this month, ask mom and dad and they’ll probably say something like “it seems like it was just yesterday that you started Kindergarten”. You’ve earned that diploma and all the great memories that go with it. … Continue reading

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