Loyalty: It’s a Beautiful Thing

My parents have been married for 35 years and were high school sweethearts before that.  So, I know a thing or two about loyalty.  I’ve grown up surrounded by it, and it’s a beautiful thing.  And it has been beautiful to watch their relationship deepen and grow stronger with each passing anniversary.

This week, I have an anniversary of my own to celebrate – and there’s no one more appropriate to celebrate it with than you!  It is the second anniversary of my website, and it marks two years of me writing to and hearing from you on a wide range of topics. I’m grateful to you for your loyalty to me – for sharing your family’s challenges, dreams, and goals, and letting me help you turn them into a reality…setting the course for your family’s future.  Wow!  What a great job I’ve got!  And what great clients – people like you who value the things that are most important to me too, like family, loyalty, and commitment.

So, on our second anniversary, I invite and encourage you to celebrate the anniversaries in your life. And yes, your wedding anniversary is important, but think beyond that. Write a letter to a life-long friend marking decades together.  Celebrate family milestones (the day you moved into your home, the coming home day of your then puppy and now most loyal of all companions, the family dog).  Make the end of the school year exciting by celebrating the number of years each of your children has completed, and let them tell you all about the most exciting and inspiring things they’ve learned.  Anniversaries, and loyalty, are everywhere.  Let’s take the time today (and every day!) to acknowledge, appreciate, and celebrate them together!

Katy Ringeman

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