I am a piece of Paper…..But Even More

A friend of mine gave this to me as a reminder of what life insurance can be – I think it’s a great illustration!

I am an idea. I am a promise.
I help men and women see visions, dream dreams,
and achieve economic immortality.
I am an education for children.
I am savings.
I am also property that increases in value from year to year.
I lend money when you need it most- with no questions asked.
I pay off mortgages so that the family can remain together in their own home.
I create, manage, and distribute property.
I am the great emancipator from want.
I guarantee the continuity of business…I protect the jobs of employees…I conserve the employer’s investment.
I am tangible evidence that a man or woman is a good provider.
I am a declaration of financial independence, a charter of economic freedom.
I am a certificate of character, an evidence of good citizenship and unimpeachable title to the right of self-government.
I am protected by laws that prevent creditors from assessing the money I give to your loved ones.
I bring dignity, peace of mind, and security to the latter years of life.
I am a “great social compact that merges the individual into the mass and places behind the frailty of mankind.
I guarantee that there “will always be a happy fireside and the laughter of children –
even though their parent may not be there”.
I am the guardian angel of a home.


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