Happy Father’s Day!

“Father’s Day” will be celebrated all across America on Sunday, June 19, 2011. And even way back in The Bible, in just the third of more than 600 commandments given to Moses, “Our Father” (who art in heaven) instructed us to “Honor thy father (and thy mother) that you may have a long, good life . . .” (Exodus 20:12)

Father’s Day will be doubly special for me this year because I’ll be celebrating and honoring the father of my four-month-old baby daughter Lillie as well as my own Dad! So I’d like to take this opportunity to honor both of the fathers in my life

Father Knows Best

My Dad didn’t give us over 600 commandments, but he was full of a lot of good and useful advice. Like the time when I was in third grade and hit a block of ice while sledding and hurt my face. “Don’t cry,” he said “because it’s gonna hurt even more!”

I played basketball throughout my school years and I remember my Dad always saying to me “Katy, be more aggressive!” That was a lesson to be learned not just on the basketball court but in the game of life as well. If you want the ball, go after the ball. If you want the job, go after the job. Whatever it is that you want, you should go for it. That’s what he meant by “be aggressive.”

He always told us: “Don’t be afraid to work for what you want and follow your dreams.” He also said “Anything worth having is worth working for.”


I followed in my fathers footsteps to the point where I now know what it’s like to be in his shoes! He isn’t just my Dad, he is also a Nationwide insurance agent and has been for more than 30 years now. Essentially, he’s the reason I started as a Nationwide agent. It’s not just a great family business, it’s a business that’s great for families! It provides flexibility, which many 9-5 jobs don’t. I remember my dad working hard, and long hours, but he always made it to my games and made time to be with the family.

With GOD On Your Side

I think that seeing your parents do something successfully makes you think that you can do it too. His example and guidance have been a vital part of my success in this business. He’s been so successful at what he does because his customers know that he cares about them.

He taught me that you don’t need to go out there and put on a big show. You just need to care about the people you’re working with and go out there and do your best for them. When I first started, he showed me the basics – what to do and what not to do – of everything from marketing and advertising to how to write a policy.

Like Father, Like Daughter

This will be my husband Tim’s first Father’s Day thanks to Lillie. And it’s so beautiful to watch him just beginning to teach her many of the same lessons that my father taught me. Right now he’s trying to teach our little Lillie to walk. She’s not quite there yet – she just rolled over for the first time this week! – so perhaps he might try getting her to crawl first? It’s clear that he already wants her to go for what she wants in life and to do it aggressively, to find out what her dreams are, and to work hard to make them her reality.

And as I watch this new love affair between Tim and Lillie bud and blossom and bloom and grow I am sometimes overcome by deep feelings of pride and joy and love. And it reminds me of my own father-daughter relationship. And I do cry because it doesn’t hurt at all. It feels so good!

Whether you’re the child to a father, a father yourself, a father-to-be, or a Grandfather or even Great-grandfather, all of us here at Ringeman Insurance Agency wish all of you a very happy Father’s Day! Amen.


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